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  In the fall of 1987, newly elected members of the City of Clairton asked
the chief of Jefferson Hills 885 Volunteer Fire Department, John
Lattanzi, to become the City Fire Chief and to help form a volunteer fire
department to augment the paid staff.  Chief Lattanzi accepted and was
appointed as chief in January 1988.  Chief Lattanzi began to form the
volunteer fire department (VFD) and organized a group of candidates to
serve as firefighters.  With funds at a minimum, other area VFDs were
asked to support the newly formed Clairton VFD by donating turn out
gear, boots, helmets, gloves in order to protect these new members.  
The Clairton VFD was christened on April 25, 1988.  Some of the new
members had past fire training and began to work shifts with the paid
members of the department.
Blue Lights

A blue light is a volunteer emergency worker that is responding to a call.  
That person is taking personal time, responding from normal daily life, to the
station to help someone in need.  Soon that very same person will be in a
pull over for.  Help them respond seconds quicker by moving aside for them.  
For where they're going, every second counts, and how much does it cost
you to move aside?

When you see flashing lights just think that they may be going for your
mother, father, brother, sister, grandmother, grandfather, son, daughter,
girlfriend, boyfriend, fiancé, husband, wife, neighbor, or friend.  Don't you
want them there as soon as possible?  For somebody that is exactly who
they are responding for.   
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More personnel & volunteers are always needed.  If you can't stand the sight of
blood, or the physical demand of fighting a fire, there is a lot more to helping a
company run than just going on calls. There are many clerical duties and station
can help.
to purchase a new base station, radios, and 10 monitors.  Another
grant from the Council of Governments, in 1989 provided for the
volunteers to purchase a new 1990 Grumann Pumper with a 1250
gallon per minute pumping capability.  Along with this new pumper,
all new hose and equipment was purchased.
At the same time, the ambulance service was very poor and the
Wilson section of the city contracted Lifestar Ambulance to serve
the First Ward.  After discussions with Lifestar, City Council, and the Fire Chief, an agreement was
made for Lifestar to provide EMS service to the entire City of Clairton.
  Due to turmoil and misunderstandings, a decision to terminate the contract with Lifestar was
decided and this left the city without any EMS coverage.  The Fire Chief called an emergency
meeting of the volunteers and a decision was made to pull an older ambulance out of storage and
with the help of local EMS services (Jefferson, Glassport, and West Elizabeth), the volunteers
staffed an ambulance to protect the residents of the City of Clairton.
                                                                 After all problems had been resolved, Lifestar resumed their
                                                            contract and once again began to provide EMS coverage.
                                                            An agreement was made that provided the volunteers to serve
                                                            as primary back-up service to Lifestar.  With the new contract,
                                                            fire and EMS services were housed in one building.
                                                                 In the early months of 1996, the contract for EMS service to
                                                            City of Clairton was due for renewal.  At this time, with
                                                            support from the volunteers, the Fire Chief and Medical
                                                            Director drafted a proposal to be submitted to the city.  City
                                                            council voted to award the contract to the fire department and   
                                                            at this time the service now employs approximately 40 EMT’s and
Paramedics.  The ambulance service continued to grow in 2000 when the contract for the Borough
of Glassport was awarded to the Clairton Volunteer Fire Department.  At this time, we provide
coverage 24 hours per day in Clairton and Glassport.
 Throughout the years, the members of city council have been dedicated to the volunteer service.  
In 1992 city council purchased a 1974 Mack 55’ Telesquirt.  This piece of equipment allowed the
volunteers to step up their efforts in providing efficient fire protection to the city residence.  
Through a donation by Aristec, the volunteers were able to receive a secondary pumper.  A 1969
Howe pumper was purchased from Brentwood VFD and donated to the Clairton VFD.
As the years passed, the volunteers continued to update the fleet of ambulances.  Initially, used
van style ambulances were purchased but as time passed, we began to purchase new modular type
ambulances.  Currently we have 5 ALS equipped modular type ambulances and one van type BLS
  In 1999, the volunteers decided to purchase a new rescue truck.
The current truck equipment and supplies had outgrown the smaller
truck and a larger one was needed to effectively provide rescue
service.  A 1999 American LaFrance Heavy Rescue truck was
purchased, equipped, and placed into service.  The equipment on
this truck allows us to perform vehicle extrication, confined space
rescue, assistance with hazardous material incidents, and to
provide a Rapid Intervention Team.  
  In 2002, the members of city council agreed to purchase a new
aerial tower for use by the volunteers.  The volunteers recognized a need to be able to provide
assistance to the larger buildings located within the city.  In December 2002, the volunteers took
deliver of the new 2003 95’ Sutphen Aerial Tower.
Since 1988, the volunteers provide 24-hour protection to the City of Clairton.  The station is manned
24 hours a day, seven days a week by a minimum of a driver and a firefighter.  
                                                                      All firefighters, including junior members, are required to
                                                                  participate in training.  All members have been trained in
                                                                  Essentials of Firefighting.  Over the years, many specialty
                                                                  teams have been established at the fire department.  With
                                                                  the establishment of these teams, many hours of training
                                                                  are required to gain these certifications.  Some of the
                                                                  specialty services that the department offers are
                                                                  Hazardous Material Response, Vehicle Rescue, Confined
                                                                  Space rescue, Rope Rescue, Rapid Intervention, and SCUBA.  
Several other certifications earned by the members are Pump Operations, Flammable Liquids,
Ventilation, Incident Command System, CPR, Emergency Medical Technician, and Paramedic.
The Clairton Volunteer Fire Department has grown over the years.  With the assistance of the City
of Clairton officials, Borough of Glassport officials, elected State officials and the volunteers, we
continue to strive to be the best department in the Mon Valley.  The Clairton Volunteer Fire
Department is proud of its past and looks forward to providing the very best fire and EMS
assistance to the residents of the City of Clairton and Borough of Glassport.
  The men and women of the fire department give time out of their personal lives to help those in
need.  The fire fighters provide their service to help better their community asking only that help is
given to prepare the trucks, their gear, and their training for the calls ahead.  All members of the
fire department are volunteers, receiving no payment for the time they serve.
  The Clairton VFD / EMS Division is a paid ambulance service provided to the City of Clairton and
the Borough of Glassport.  The ambulance is staffed 24 hours a day ALS, meaning Advanced Life
Support.  At minimum one paramedic is on duty at all times providing medical attention to those in
need.  The paramedic(s) on duty is accompanied by several Emergency Medical Technicians, whom
are also trained in the care of the sick and wounded.
For all emergencies call:
Police, fire, EMS
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